How do I Navigate the U.S. Immigration Maze?


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Our law firm's purpose is to help you successfully navigate the confusing U.S. immigration system. We know that you want to find the best path possible to reach your immigration goal. But the steps are often unclear and the stakes are high. Bad decisions can separate you from your loved ones and take a very long time to fix. Here are the different ways we can help you:


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Get in touch to ask questions about our firm, to see if we can help you, and find out how much your case would cost.

Consultation with Attorney

Set up a consultation in person, via video, or over the phone. Our attorneys will provide legal advice targeted to your specific situation and determine the best immigration strategy. You can then decide if you can handle your case yourself or you prefer hiring a lawyer.

Legal Representation

Retain our firm to take care of your case from start to finish. Get peace of mind that we will be responsible for achieving your immigration goal and will crush obstacles along the way like a steamroller. If you hire our law firm to represent you within 30 days of our consultation, we will credit the cost of the consult to the total cost of your case.

streamlined application and review

If you prefer to represent yourself, we're happy to streamline the application process. We'll provide you with access to our company software, which automatically prepares the application forms after you answer some basic biographical questions. Our attorneys Erick and Erin will review your application and return them for you to submit. It's as easy as that!

Expert Guidance and Review

As an alternative to legal representation, our attorneys Erick and Erin can instead serve as your reliable, super knowledgeable legal consultant who will answer your ongoing questions and review your forms as you represent yourself.

Investigate Immigration Options

Fiancé Visa

What is more exciting than meeting the love of your life? The answer is petitioning your fiance to come to the U.S. on a K-1 visa to spend the rest of your days together! In fact, you could end up with bilingual kids.

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It is difficult to follow all of the confusing immigration laws in the United States, especially when they keep changing. If you broke a rule, you may need a waiver. Confirm that you qualify and then move forward and apply.

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immigrant visa

If you are separated internationally from a close family member, it's time to change this. You can file a petition to bring your spouse, child, parent, or sibling to the U.S. to become a permanent resident green-card holder upon arrival.

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After just a few short years of being a permanent resident, you can take the next step and become a U.S. citizen. Enjoy the right to vote, travel freely outside the U.S. for more than a year, and no need to keep renewing your green card.

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green card

If you have a close family member who is not a U.S. citizen and is in the U.S., this person may be able to get a green card through adjusting status. In fact, becoming a permanent resident through marriage is common in our global age. 

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Other options

Applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), appealing a denied application, seeking help with consular processing, applying for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), getting help on a delayed case, and more...

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Erick and his staff were absolutely amazing in my husband’s immigration process. They were always attentive to our questions and very helpful. I would highly recommend Erick’s services. My husband is now a permanent resident of the United States and we are so very thankful for everything Erick did to make this a reality!
— Dawn Warren

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