After trying to figure out this immigration process for the past 4 years and meeting with several lawyers, I finally met Erick Widman. He was recommended to me by one of his colleagues from Seattle and after a 10 minute free consultation, we met up for a one hour session so we can share all the details of my situation and to try to find a solution to my problems.

He listened to me, asked me questions and in the end he explained multiple options to choose from and we explored every single one in detail. He showed me pros and cons and explained very clearly what everything meant, giving me a lot of resources to choose from. He is very calm and has the patience of a wise teacher to walk you through everything.

In the end I left with a very clear understanding about my options, clarity that i was looking for for so long. Thank you Erick for explaining everything so clearly.
— Adriana Gavozdea

Erick was so helpful! I am so glad that I worked with Widman Immigration Law Group LLC [now Passage Immigration Law]. I wasn’t sure if I needed help with applying for a K-1 visa, but I was worried about making small errors that would have prolonged the process. Erick was so great! We had a few Skype calls, and an in office meeting to go over the details of the application to make sure it was in order. It was so nice to submit the application with confidence.

Erick was very responsive to emails and answered all my questions, making it a smooth and stress free experience. Overall great experience! I would highly recommend it to all any anyone going through any immigration/visa related process. No matter how small, it is still great to get a professional opinion.

Thanks Erick!
— Whitney Pisenti

Erick did an awesome job..he is every penny worth! We are German and not accustomed to waiting or to be late. He is always punctual, reliable and reachable (if not, he’ll call you right back!) All the work with him was uncomplicated and easy. Bottom line: My Green card is approved and on the way in my hands!
— Julia Rose

I am now a green card holder thanks to the help of Erick who made this process as easy as possible. Definitely recommend him :)
— Marisela Hernandez

I recently met with Erick Widman and was extremely impressed! I chose him because he came highly recommended from another lawyer and I appreciated his free 10 minute phone consultation. Not only was he very knowledgeable about the immigration laws and various options but answered all my questions. If I need to use a lawyer again in the future, I would not hesitate to call him up.
— Alex Bloom

Thanks to Widman Immigration Law Group [now Passage Immigration Law] I can pursue my dreams much further than I could with just an EAD card. Great service and support, very friendly and reliable. Thanks Erick Widman!
— Tatiana Hernandez

I went through the disheartening process of being denied for a B-2 visa. I was referred to Erick by another attorney, and Erick has lifted a heavy burden from my shoulders by assisting me with a new approach with the Embassy. Thank you so much Erick!
— Greg Klass

I found Mr. Widman to be extremely knowledgeable and he answered all questions in a clear and easy to understand manner. In both our meeting and in the well laid out follow-up email he sent, Erick provided detailed information about options and the steps to take. This included links to all necessary documentation. Erick also discussed ways and costs on how to go through the process by oneself, with some help from his office, or how he can do it all.

Erick was very professional, patient, calm and most importantly - sincere. I highly recommend Widman Immigration [now Passage Immigration Law] to anyone who is unsure about their status or who needs help in fulfilling the necessary requirements and documentation. The laws can be confusing and there is nothing better than the peace of mind of knowing you are doing it right.
— Karoline G

Erick is not only absolutely professional, but also cares about his client. Even though I only had some easy questions that needed clarification, he handled my case as I was one of his most serious clients. The system of a 10 minute free phone call works perfectly, and it is a unique service that proved to be very helpful. The price of the consultation is very much acceptable, and the service is of an excellent quality. I definitely recommend him.
— Marton Varga

I have multiple friends who are continuing to work their way through the labyrinth of the immigration process. One has been successful but it took nearly $90000 and 14 years. Another is in her 8th year. Another has given up and is immigrating with his foreign wife of three years to Australia where they are welcomed. Myself and my wife of 6 months moved through the K-1 process in 1 year and 2 weeks. The guidance and encouragement and creation of the proper and correct forms in a timely manner by Erick Widman was instrumental in our process. Our social security cards arrived in the mail today. Wow, what a process. Thank you Erick.
— David Wallen

Erick is one of the best lawyer I have met. He handled my case in a professional way and also he treated me like family. Erick made the communication very easy via email or by phone, and he also was quick. I highly recommend him to everyone if you’re looking for professional lawyer! Thanks Erick!!
— Marwan Sreti

Erick from Widman Immigration Law Group [now Passage Immigration Law] handled my case for a change of visa status after my wife (who is from the US) and I got married. He was extremely professional and accommodating from the very first phone call and took plenty of time to explain each step of the (painstaking) process to us.

Erick guided us through the process each step of the way, keeping in regular contact and letting us know what was required from us and by when. He walked us through what to expect during the interview which helped put us at ease on the day.

I would highly recommend Erick for someone considering going through the immigration process. His knowledge and expertise are invaluable and totally worth it. I am now a happy Green Card holder.
— Ben Collins