Our office can determine if you qualify for the DACA program and can help with renewals of your DACA status.

Temporary Protected Status

In certain cases, USCIS can extend temporary protected status (TPS) to nationals of country in the event of war, natural disaster, public health emergencies, or other destabilizing events. Our office can determine if you qualify for TPS and can present your strongest case to USCIS. 

Removal of Conditions

If you have a conditional green card, you will need to remove the conditions to receive your 10 year permanent residency card. Our office can help your submit the strongest application possible to avoid needless requests for evidence. 

Request of Evidence

Responding appropriately and in a timely fashion to requests for evidence is very important. Our office can help you prepare the strongest response possible. 

Delayed Cases

If you already filed your case and are having a difficult time communicating with the government, we can step in and advocate on your behalf.