Various temporary or permanent options

ReMOVE conditions on residence (FORM I-751)

If your green card is valid for only two years it is because you are a "conditional permanent resident (CPR)" rather than a "lawful permanent resident (LPR)." To become a full-fledged LPR, you will need to jump through some additional hoops to remove the conditions on your residence. Find out many more details of this Removal of Conditions process.

deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA)

For those who are undocumented and came the U.S. when they were under 16 years old, DACA is a fair and humane way to take a big step towards a long-term legal immigration status. If you meet all of the requirements of DACA, you will receive a work authorization card and will be able to secure a driver's license. Please feel free to learn all about DACA on our website.


temporary protected status (TPS)

When your home country is experiencing severe conditions such as natural disaster or a war, you may be able to receive "Temporary Protected Status (TPS)" in the U.S. The various countries that are eligible are updated periodically and extensions are not guaranteed. However, TPS is an excellent option when other immigration alternatives are not available. Learn more about Temporary Protected Status (TPS) on our website.